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Learn photography online with Studio80Sydney.

All the photography workshops are made in real time on real photography shoots.

Join me on this unique journey where I will share all of my photography skills,

knowledge and experience from over 3 decades of working in the industry.

Teaching not only how to achieve a great photo but also how to navigate issues as they arise.

Learn Food, Product and Portrait Photography Online! 

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•  Studio lighting techniques for beginners, intermediate and advanced photographers.

•  Natural light workshops.

•  Food styling tutorials.

•  Behind the scenes at a professional food photography shoot.

•  Actual photography jobs explained step by step.

 How to select cameras and lenses for food / product photography.

•  How to edit food images.

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Andre Martin’s videos are simply the best! I’ve taken a few food photography courses, but none compare to these. They will teach you everything from equipment, ways of working with client, lighting, styling, editing and more; making it easy to learn and understand how professional photography is made. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking to make their photography truly stand out from the rest!

- Lola Faura - Food Stylist 


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