Food Photography Class

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Food photography classes at Studio80Sydney go a long way beyond taking shots of plates of food- learn how to make your food look as good as it tastes with step by step instruction from leading food photographer Andre Martin.

By subscribing to the food photography classes at Studio80Sydney you will learn how to select and style your food for shoots to consistently get the professional result that comes from using the tips and tricks Andre will share with you, filmed on actual jobs and his knowledge gain from over three decades as a professional photographer.

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What you will learn from this food photography class?


  • Advanced studio lighting techniques

  • Actual photography jobs explained step by step

  • How to select the best camera settings for food photography

  • Compiling a food styling kit and tools of the trade explained


Regardless of whether you are an experienced professional looking to enhance your skills or a beginner keen to advance to the professional level, these food photography classes at Studio80Sydney will help you learn all the food photography tips and strategies and techniques required to take your art to the next level, producing stunning results that will captivate your viewers.


Why should you subscribe to this food photography class?


If you subscribe to the Studio80Sydney food photography class you will learn a lot more than the basics of food photography. 

  • Learn how to shoot with a smartphone or a point and shoot camera on a budget

  • Learn how to organize your materials efficiently and prepare well for your food photo shoots

  • Acquire the knowledge used to style different types of foods

  • Use your new skills to create a food blog


Who can subscribe to this food photography class?


Food photography class at Studio80Sydney is designed for people with varied purposes. Here are some of the scopes of subscribing to this  food photography class.


  • If you want to be a professional food photographer

  • If you are a photographer and want to venture into food photography for more income

  • Those who want to convert their photography hobby into career

  • Food bloggers who need quality food images to match their posts

  • Those who want to style food appropriately and select the right food for brilliant food photography

  •  Amateur photographers who aspire to take food photos like a professional

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World-renowned food, product and portrait photographer Andre Martin will teach you how to use the right camera and lighting equipment in this food photography class. You will also learn how to touch up food images after producing.