Food Photography Lessons

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Studio80Sydney photography lessons will give you all the tools you need to use your camera and lighting equipment, learning professional tips and tricks that will give you the knowledge to get a stunning end result.

These video lessons will also teach you editing tricks, camera angles and how to select the right lenses, backgrounds and props.


Increase your knowledge on food photography- videos shot on actual jobs and take your skill set to the next level.

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What to expect from Studio80Sydney food photography lessons?

On this channel there is something for everyone who is interested in photography, including


• Advanced studio lighting techniques 

• Behind the scenes at professional food photography shoots

• Actual photography jobs explained step by step

• How to select and operate cameras and lenses

• How to edit food images


These lessons are brought to you by Andre Martin, a highly renowned food, product and portrait photographer, his photography lessons are a combination of camera/setup and advanced lighting techniques. 


Who are these lessons for?

Everyone- ranging from food industry professionals to food lovers, no matter what level, there is something to gain and benefit, including-


  • Photographers wanting to specialise in food

  • Those who need to produce food photographs for websites- restaurants/cafés

  • Food bloggers 

  • Those who have an interest in  publishing cook books

  • Food stylists 


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