Food Photography Workshop


Food photography workshops presented by Studio80Sydney are the key to unleash your true photographic potential, regardless of whether you are an amateur, professional or just have a special interest in food photography this workshop is for you. 

These workshops are brought to you by Andre Martin, a highly renowned food, product and portrait photographer, his photography workshops are a combination of camera/setup and advanced lighting techniques that are normally gained through decades on the job, over five hours of content- Join Andre today and take your photography skills to the next level.


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Food Photography Workshops by Andre Martin


  • On the job explanation from the concept stage to stunning final results

  • Food Styling tips and tricks

These workshops encompass from the basics of photography, setting the camera manually, lighting, lens selection through to camera angle and composition. 


Studio80Sydney will also teach you how to edit and process gorgeous food images. The photography is just one piece of the overall result. If you want to learn about hands-on image creation and master post-production skills, this food photography workshop caters to that as well.


What's covered in this food photography workshop?


The sole purpose of these workshops is to teach you to produce food images that make a mark and push the boundaries.


Learn to take stunning food photographs- utilising numerous studio lighting secrets that will be revealed in these workshops

Learn to style food photos- You will learn how to construct beautiful images. You will be taught about the basic rules of composing and styling food photographs.


Learn to save time- This workshop will provide you with tools to efficiently complete taking, editing and transferring food photos onto your website or blog in minimal time.


Build your own portfolio- These workshops will give you access to  all the skills you need to produce professional shots.

The food photography workshop at Studio80Sydney comes with an easy and practical approach. It is a great opportunity for beginners to get hands-on experience, enhancing your food photography skills effortlessly.  

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