Food Styling Workshop

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Australia’s leading food photographer, Andre Martin, brings professional photography skills to photographers and hobbyists the world over through his online photography classes. Shot during real-life photoshoots, his videos provide an intimate view into the world of professional food, portrait, and product photography. A popular choice for many photographers, his food styling workshop teaches you the art of styling food for a variety of mediums. Over the top bowl styling, bakery styling, home studio styling, or even styling in the kitchen for cookbooks, blogs, websites, and businesses.


Andre Martin’s online photography classes are for any photographer, whether you use your smartphone or a professional-grade camera. Regardless of your equipment, skills, or purpose, there is always something to learn from our food styling workshop and online photography classes. The basics choosing the right plate, backdrop, accessories, and placement of your items are just as important as the angle, lighting, and technique you use to produce your final photograph. Becoming a better photographer starts here, learning from well-known photographers and stylists who wish to impart their skills, help others improve their craft, and give the gift of better photography to all those who wish to learn.


Throughout his online photography classes, Andre Martin offers a variety of professional techniques that would normally take years to learn. Instead, you can gain those skills with just a few hours of professional instruction. Each course is designed to give you the skills you need to recreate professional-quality photoshoots, build a portfolio that stuns, and push yourself to become a better photographer whether through a food styling workshop or a course on portrait lighting. Every online class has something unique to offer in order to take you to a new level of photography. Learn new techniques, try new things, and push the boundaries of genre photography by discovering new, eye-catching ways to capture your subject. Learn to create something beautiful through our food styling workshop and online photography classes. Contact us to learn more or subscribe to gain access to our entire online classroom.