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Everyone learns differently, but when it comes to photography, seeing it in action is one of the best ways to learn. Imagine photography workshops online, where you have access to hours of online video tutorials offering an inside perspective into professional studio photography. That is what you get with Andre Martin Photographics’ photography workshops online. Whether you want to learn location photography online or want to know how to take pictures of food, our photography workshops online are all filmed either onsite at an outdoor shoot or at our state-of-the-art photography studio. Our online photography workshops are designed to help the growing photographer—both hobbyists and professionals—gain deeper insight into the photography process. For example, if you want to learn location photography online lessons can teach you how to recreate natural lighting conditions or which lenses to use to get the best shots. When you want to learn location photography online, our lessons give you the skills and techniques necessary to become a better photographer, offer a wider range of services, or hone your abilities when it comes to location photography.

Andre Martin Photographics photography workshops online are taught by acclaimed photographer Andre Martin. As one of Australia’s leading photographers, he brings his experience to the table in each and every online photography workshop, giving you an insider’s perspective into his daily studio practices. Why wait for a live workshop in your area to enhance your skills when you can gain access to online photography workshops today? For a monthly subscription, you can learn location photography online and much more. Learn the basics of food styling, the importance of lighting, and which lenses produce the best results for travel photography. When it comes to Andre Martin’s online photography workshops, there is always something new to learn! Subscribe today to start improving your photography skills and exploring the exciting world of professional food, product, and corporate photography by going to https://www.studio80sydney.com.au/