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Learn Studio Photography Online at Andre Martin Photographics

Have you ever wanted to learn studio photography online and how your equipment, setup, angle, and lighting impact the quality of your photography? Learn photography lighting online and everything you need to know about professional studio photography through Andre Martin Photographics’s online courses. We offer workshops where you will learn how to arrange and adjust your equipment—from lighting to backdrop, and everything in between. Where should you place your lights in comparison to your backdrop? What equipment do you need for different environments, photoshoots, and studios? How do you make the most of the equipment you have? Learn all of this and more in our online photography workshops.

Each online course dives into new and specific techniques to help you acquire the skills to take professional style photos. For example, the camera equipment workshop provides a detailed review of different lenses, camera types, and settings that can make or break a photoshoot. If you want to learn photography lighting online, you can learn studio lighting techniques for beginners, intermediate and advanced photographers.

Our studio photography classes online come to you from our well-known Sydney-based studio. Andre Martin Photographics provides hours of expertise, hands-on training, and guidance based on his years of professional experience. Watch him set up for a professional photoshoot and see what methods he uses to get those best quality photos taken quickly and efficiently while maximizing his space, angles, and subject matter. He’ll walk you through every step of his setup process, explain why he is using specific equipment, and how to find the perfect angle to capture the heart and essence of your subject. Are you ready to expand your photography skills and take your photography business or hobby to the next level? If so, learn studio photography online with Andre Martin Photographics. Join us online by subscribing today or go to https://www.studio80sydney.com.au/ to learn more.