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Learn Photography Online from Acclaimed Andre Martin Photographics

What better way to learn photography online than from renowned photographer, Andre Martin. Owner of Andre Martin Photographics, Andre is one of Australia’s leading photographers. As he continues to provide professional portraiture, styling, and product photography from his state-of-the-art studio in Sydney, Australia, he also offers a wide array photography online lessons for beginners to advanced photographers. For a monthly subscription, photographers can gain access to courses on food styling, lighting, angles, equipment, and more. Every course provides real-life examples of a photography shoot—how to set up, determine lighting, choose your angles, and any number of skills required to produce top-quality photography.

Andre Martin Photographics seeks to help budding and professional photographers learn photography online, or gain new skills for their food blogs, cookbooks, businesses, or hobby. What does it take to take photography lessons online from Andre Martin Photographics? A basic subscription of $9.99 per month gets you access to hours of online courses taught by Andre Martin. There is something for everyone in the collection of photography training courses. Are you interested in starting a food blog but feel your photography skills are lacking? Do you simply love trying new restaurants and want to document your findings or share them with others in a professional, appealing photograph? Do you travel often and wish you could capture more vibrant, colourful, or emotional pictures of your trips? Whatever your reason for wanting to take photography lessons online, Andre Martin Photographics provides everything you need to know about technique, lenses, camera settings, and lighting in a simple, easy-to-learn video format. Each video teaches a specific technique for a variety of photography styles, from food photography to portraits, giving you the opportunity to try new things, challenge yourself as a photographer, and grow in your passion and skills. Ready to take your photography to the next level? Learn photography online with Andre Martin Photographics and capture the images you always imagined you could capture. Contact us to learn more or subscribe now for full access to our online photography courses at