Thanks for creating this amazing tutorials and behind the scenes workshops. It’s really good to see the work of very talented and experienced photographer. I am super glad to have subscribed.

Shibani Mishra - Photographer


As an amateur photographer looking to take the leap into the professional paid sphere I couldn't recommend Studio 80's photography channel more. Where else can you learn from such a talented, successful photographer who has excelled in the field from the comfort of your own home and for such a reasonable price? Nowhere. 

Andre takes you on set, and talks you through everything you need to know to recreate the same shoot yourself. I've found his knowledge and guidance absolutely priceless and have seen a huge improvement in my work because of it. Huge thank you to Andre. Five stars from me.  



 Emma Plummer - Photographer




I would really recommend this course to anyone who LOVES photography, or anyone just wanting to step to the next level of photography. The lessons are in a real shoot BTS setup and everything is revealed, I can’t wait to put all I learned into practice. Thank you so much.

Jordan Roach - Photographer



Andre Martin’s videos are simply the best! I’ve taken a few food photography courses, but none compare to these. They will teach you everything from equipment, ways of working with client, lighting, styling, editing and more; making it easy to learn and understand how professional photography is made. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking to make their photography truly stand out from the rest!

Lola Faura - Food Stylist 



Thanks Andre! You have really inspired me!I absolutely love your food shots and techniques. Would be an absolute dream if you would create a full-detailed and in depth course pertaining to your photography skills. I would readily buy it! What you are offering now are just short workshops of your work. Hope you are doing well. Have a magnificent day! Thank you!